Parish Hall Rental

Parish Hall Guidelines

The hall is available for rent by registered, active, tithing parishioners for private family celebrations, such as receptions, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations, showers, etc., with the pastor’s approval for a fee. 

The parish hall is not available for: 

• Political rallies or candidates 

• Commercial purposes 

Reservations: Contact parish secretary Mary Gaines at 972-279-6581, ext. 10, for availability. Parish events receive priority scheduling. The hall will be available for rental functions after parish needs are met and the annual parish calendar is complete. It will not be reserved until rental agreement is completed and returned with damage deposit. The rental fee is due and payable 9 weeks prior to the event. Rental agreements will not be made more than one year before the event. 


Rental Fees: $750 for members, $1000 for non-parishioners.  Liability 


Insurance: Must be purchased. See “Insurance Coverage” below. 


Damage Deposit: A damage deposit of $150 is required upon completion and return of rental agreement. It may be refunded in whole or in part, depending on the hall’s condition after use, as assessed by the business manager, and approved by the business manager and pastor. The renter agrees to pay for any property damage over and above the assigned fees. 

Accommodations: The parish agrees to provide the hall in clean condition with tables and chairs. Occupancy is 250 with chairs only or 200 with chairs and round tables. Larger groups cannot be accommodated. Setup will be provided if the parish office is notified of the configuration a week prior to the event. 

The parish does not provide the use of the kitchen or utensils, tableware, table covers, dishcloths, towels or dishwashing detergent, refrigerator, freezer, coffee pots, coffee urns, stove, ovens and warming units. Use of the deep-fat fryers is prohibited.  Leftover food must be removed from the premises at the conclusion.


Cleanup: Renter will be responsible for wet mopping any spills, dust mopping the hall and wiping tables and chairs. Trash cans are to be moved to the east kitchen doors. Floors should be swept and trash picked up. Renter is also responsible for cleanup, microwaves, appliances and any other items used for food preparation and service are to be cleaned and returned to their storage area. Renter is responsible for removing all decorations on day of event. Proper cleanup is critical to receive deposit refund. 

Setup and Deliveries: Renters have hall access for setup before the event. Access should be coordinated with the business manager or maintenance supervisor. Decorations shall be reviewed by business manager. No decorations may be taped, tacked or otherwise attached to walls, windows or hung from the ceiling without approval. Violation of this rule and any damage caused by decoration removal will result in forfeiture of $150 damage deposit. Deliveries should be scheduled when the renter has hall access. Items for the event should not be scheduled for delivery prior to time renter has hall access. Renter should be present for all setup, deliveries and should act as supervisor to any catering staff. Parish staff is not available to accept deliveries. 

Saturday Events: The hall is not available during Masses or other liturgies. On Saturday afternoons, the event must end, with premises vacated, by 4 p.m. For Saturday evening events, the hall will not be available for occupancy prior to the end of 5:30 p.m. Mass. Renters will be allowed into the hall for setup and decorating earlier in the day. A 7 p.m. start for Saturday evening events is preferred. All evening events must end and premises vacated by 11:00 p.m. 

Alcoholic Beverages: You must hire two Garland Police officers and a licensed bartender. Sale of alcoholic beverages is expressly prohibited, including money given as a donation.  

No alcoholic beverage is to be served to minors. Renters are expected to be vigilant about alcohol abuse. 

Insurance Coverage: Diocesan policy requires that any person or group sponsoring a private party on parish property obtain “special event coverage” liability insurance. The certificate needs to state in the Description of Operations section that there is an endorsement to the policy naming " The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas" and the specific Entity as "Additional Insured", and that the coverage available under the policy is primary over any other coverage available. Coverage can be obtained at 

Coverage must be obtained at least 90 days prior to the event. 

Smoking: No smoking is allowed in parish buildings. 


Mary Gaines

 972-279-6581, ext. 10, 


$750 for members

$1000 for non-parishioners